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Crystal Kennedy, a Pacific Northwest Native, has been designing award winning kitchens and baths for over 10 years in the Portland area. Growing up in a family of artists and engineers she naturally fell in love both beauty and practicality; leading her to strive to create harmony in spaces with a perfect blend of both.  

After earning her BA in Fine Art and Design Crystal quickly realized her passion lay with designing beautiful interior spaces that functioned as well as they looked.  Focusing on Kitchen and Bath design she sought to learn everything she could about the industry.  Earning first her AKBD, then CKD  thru the National Kitchen and Bath Association - the nations lead organization in kitchen and bath design education - And in working with numerous remodelers in the Portland area, she gained knowledge and expertise in both design and remodeling.   With each experience learning more about the construction side of kitchen and bath remodels and allowing her to work with an amazing and diverse set of clients and designing literally hundreds of kitchens and baths all based on the clients individual wants and needs for their space.  

Her favorite part of the job in getting to truly know her clients and their needs during the design process.  This allows her to help make the best possible recommendations for use of space, products and contractors that will help create the function, look and feel she knows they will fall in love with. 

Crystal Kennedy, CKD

Principal, Owner

NW Renovation Magazine Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Kitchen Remodeling: Best Return on Your Investment

Written by Crystal Kennedy, CKD & Ivy Crouse, CKD

NW Renovation Magazine

A Modern Retelling of a Classic Portland Bungalow

Written By Crystal Kennedy, CKD

National Design Contest Winners


Click to learn more about the over 20 award winning designs by Crystal Kennedy, CKD  

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