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This may qualify as my most frequently asked question– but there is never a simple answer.  


Of course there are a number of factors that need to be ascertained before an accurate answer can be determined.  Its my job as a kitchen and bath designer to ask those questions and help you not only come up with a realistic budget, but once determined, its also my job to help you stick to it.

The true cost of any remodel can only be known once a complete design has been created, all of the finishes and fixtures have been selected, and a contractor provides an exact cost based on those details.

But if you’re just beginning to consider a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project at this point, there are reliable resources online that can help give you some general information regarding costs. The folks at Remodeling Magazine publish an annual report with detailing just what you're looking for-  The Cost vs. Value report details what the average cost of 35 common types of remodeling projects are in 101 major cities around the country. They also estimate the ‘Cost Recouped’ of each remodeling project type based on how it affects resale value of the home.

How Much Does a Remodel Cost?

We realize thats quite a range!  

Again, once we have visited at length about your project we can better determine where it is your project may sit within that range.


A few things to consider before reading this report:

1. “Project costs (in this report) are based on estimates for generic projects and do not account for personalized design and product choices made by homeowners in connection with actual remodeling projects, nor do they account for local and short-term fluctuations in pricing, supply and demand, and other factors affecting cost.”

2. “The Cost vs. Value Report provides an accurate snapshot of the national housing market, but it cannot be applied accurately to an individual remodeling project for a particular home at a particular street address. The best course of action is to obtain construction cost estimates from reputable local remodelers and to talk with an experienced Realtor about home prices in the neighborhood.”

These are excellent points to remember. Every client, and therefore every project, is quite unique. The figures in the Cost vs. Value Report are merely a starting point to understanding kitchen and bathroom remodeling costs in our area. You can read or download the full 2016 report here, which also includes data on remodeling trends countrywide, by geographic region, as well as a guesstimate of resale value for all of the project types.


If you’re wanting to pursue a remodeling project your best best is to start with researching professional kitchen and bath designers and general contractors. They are the best collaborators you will have to a cost-efficient and seamless project.

According to this survey you can expect:

a Kitchen remodel to range from about $61,000 - $122,000  

And a bath remodel can range from $19,000 - $60,000

You can read the descriptions of each project in the report as well to get a better idea of what they've included and how that relates to what you're planning for your remodel.

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