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Your kitchen and baths are typically the hardest working rooms in the home.  They're the rooms your family uses daily, and if you're thinking about remodeling them, you'll want to know:


-How much does it cost?


-What will it look like when its done?

-Why would I hire a designer or contractor?  Can't I design and remodel my kitchen on my own?


The answer to all of these questions starts with a good design of the space so that our team of experts can accurately give you all the information you need.  

With over 12 years designing award winning kitchens and baths in the Portland area let us help you create a plan to begin transforming your space today.

Once you have the perfect design, let us introduce you to our team of experts who can help you take that initial design and turn it into reality in your space.  We work with some of the highest rated and experienced contractors, suppliers and vendors in the Portland area.  Every one of them is committed to making sure you get exactly the space you were hoping for, while also getting superior service and products and doing it on time and on budget.

Our Services

  • Design
    • Conceptual design

    • Layout/Cabinet design

    • Interior architectural design & development

  • Finish specification
    • Flooring

    • Cabinetry selection

    • Plumbing fixtures

    • Light fixtures

    • Countertop selection

    • Client education around product selection of surfaces,  

    • fixtures, appliances, etc.

  •  Presentations
    • Concepts

    • Illustrations

    • Materials

    • Drawings

  • Project Management
    • Construction documentation & administration

    • Construction specification for new builds or remodels

Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

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